Monday, 12 April 2010

War in the Bolkans?

Dateline: Boughre.
By our Special Reporter

Tensions rose in the Bolkans today, as here in Boughre, capital of Ainamor, King Mikhaelus made inflammatory remarks about the neighbouring Union of Brobdingnagia in his weekly wireless broadcast to the nation.

Cut off from the sea by her neighbours, Ainamor has been forced for many years to rely on the Union's rivers and railways for both exports and imports. However, the Union is industrially and financially weak and her transport infrastructure reflects this. Ainamor has long pressed the Union to sell to her control of the river and rail transport systems, promising that under the kingdom's care the trains would run on time. The Union has so far resisted but the King in his speech demanded that this dispute be resolved once and for all.

"The Brobs may be content to wallow in their sloth and lassitude", the King stated, "but the Kingdom of Ainamor is no decadent oriental slum and demands the right to advancement for our citizens. The Union and it's deliberate policy of frustrating Ainamor's desire to seek her rightful place in the world will not be allowed to continue. We are a peaceful people but enough is enough!"

Brobdingnagia has lodged a formal complaint with the League of Nations about the bellicose nature of the King's speech and has claimed that Ainamor is mobilising her reserves in a clear threat of war.

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