Sunday, 25 April 2010

Polish Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1938

The annexation by Poland of the Zaolzie region of Czechoslovakia in 1938 is pure Interbellum gaming fodder.

There are some fantastic photos on Steer clear of the majority of the responses as they are twaddle and would make TMP proud:

Polish armour entering a city

Polish 10th Brigade


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  1. The whole idea of a Czech war in 1938 is fascinating to me. Unlike the situation just a year later, it's far less of a walkover for the Germans, who had a far lower establishment of armour, poorer quality and quantity of vehicles and huge gaps in their inventory.

    Added to which you have a number of political entanglements which make it an interesting 'what if' too. Harry Turtledove has used it as the background for his "Hitler's War", but I don't think he has even grasped the bigger picture in this.

    Certainly very Interbellum though!