Monday, 26 April 2010

My First Foray

Unlike most of the contributors so far, I'm not planning an alternate country setting, rather I'm planning an alternate timeline, or timelines, as I have a couple of ideas on the go.

The first is the Spanish Civil War, with liberties taken to please me (T28s & T35s specifically), which I intend to use the Pendraken 10mm new SCW range for. I bought two armies with German and Italian tanks at Salute, and await T26s, BT5 and BA6 armoured cars in due course.

Then I plan to extend the Great War into the 1920s, again using Pendraken 10mm figures, and use the background of A Very British Civil War as inspiration, except driven by something other than the King & Mrs Wallace as the fuel. The Police & Miners strike of 1918 for example. Also, a chance to field MkIXs.

Other alternatives involving the imaginary ideas of H. G. Wells are a possibility too.

I won't post pictures on here yet, but instead post links to my modelling blog:



  1. My own setting is a sort of illegitimate offspring of the SCW and Chaco wars, for no better reason than I could include pretty much whatever I wanted. Which is pretty much the problem with any 'real world' setting.

    It's been briefly mentioned here before, but a war in Europe in 1938 was almost an actuality and gives a much more balanced war than the one a year later. It would certainly provide an unusual range of vehicles too.

    Alternatively the General Strike of 1926 or the Wall Street Crash of 1929 are other possible turning points to consider.

    I'll watch how it all comes along, I'm a sucker for a good alt-history!

  2. This is yet another 'thread' on the Interbellum blog that sounds very interesting.

    One alternative time line that is worth looking at with regard to the USA is set out in 'Back in the USSA' (by Eugene Byrne and Kim Newman) which postulates what might have happened if the USA had gone Socialist (and later Communist) in 1917.

    All the best,


  3. PiP, did you find SCW orgs you were looking for on TMP?

    Try Steve Thomas' website here:

    I've been watching repeats of "When The Boat Comes In" on TV and fully understand where you are coming from re VBCW. My gaming pal Maff, is also very much of a 1920's clogs and cloth caps VBCW exponent.

    T28s and T35's in Spain? Why not? Equally, what if France had opened up her borders and shipped French tanks across to the Republic.


  4. Steve Thomas' organisations are a little out. All of the pre-war army was organised in a similar way to what he gives for the 'Foreign Legion'.

    This site is spot on according to the pre-war regulations. I'm linking direct to the Army of Africa, but there's a whole heap of stuff on a lot of units. The site's a Spanish one, but should translate well with most browsers...

  5. btw 'links' comes up a lot in the text... it means 'runners' and 'ranchers' are cooks assistants.

  6. Yes I found the site most helpful. Thanks for the heads up.