Saturday, 10 April 2010

Training at the Lauranian Military Academy

Besides learning Mathematics, Military Administration, Military History, Basic Field Engineering, Basic Science, and Drill, the young cadets at the Lauranian Military Academy play games. And not just team games like Rugby and Polo, both of which teach teamwork, aggression, and fair play; they play 'Kriegsspiel' or 'war games'. These teach them how to command large bodies of troops, and help prepare them for promotion to higher rank.

Currently the Academy uses a ‘war game’ devised by Mr Joseph Morschauser. A picture of one such game can be seen below.

The two sides are called Red and Black (they are never given real names just in case it might offend another country) and they fight their imaginary wars over a board that is divided up into areas called hexagons. The playing pieces are made of lead and painted in such a way as to make them look like tiny men. They are in fact 1.5cm high, and all the other military equipment is made to the same scale.
Extract from an article in The Lauranian Courier


  1. To the Editor,

    Clearly the cadets at the academy enjoy a most beneficial education in the military arts and the Lauranian Courier must be a most discerning and informative publication. Does the current circulation run to providing copies on an international basis as I am very sure that the similar Balkrunian Academy would much appreciate the use of such a system for its own cadets.

    I am, your obedient servant,

    Gen. Markov Thebeast

  2. General Thebeast,

    It is available to discerning subscribers for a trifling amount.

    Send a telegram to the me (the Editor of 'The Lauranian Courier') and I will willingly supply you with further details.

    As to the game itself ... well the rules are a State Secret and are only available to those countries with an effective spy network working within Laurania or from the Lauranian Central Library on short-term loan.

    I am your obedient servant,

    Louis Moret III