Friday, 9 April 2010

Tradgardland Landstorme...

The backbone of the Duchy of Tradgardland Army are the "Landstorme" or local militia. The Dukes of Tradgardland have used this system for centuries and it was in it's heyday during the 18th century, when the borders of the Duchy were secured against the Imperium by these part time soldiers...

A variety of uniforms (or non uniforms so to speak) are worn as can be seen by the pictures. The men are organised in their own locality and serve with brothers,neighbours and friends. In accordance with tradition, and the agricultural calender and it's needs ,the Landstorme meet regularly to train,practice marksmanship (the Duchy is littered with rifle shooting clubs) and compete in a variety of keenly fought local competitions. Thus a high standard of accuracy with the rifle is maintained.


  1. They look to be a grim and stout bunch. I would not want to find myself in their sights.

  2. One is put in mind of a conversation the Kaiser was reputed to have had with the head of the Swiss Army in 1913.

    Kaiser: 'How well would your army of 100,000 men fare if I sent an army of 100,000 soldiers against you?'

    Head of the Swiss Army: 'We would all fire once.'

    Kasier: 'And if I sent 200,000?'

    Head of the Swiss Army: 'We would fire twice.'

    Says it all, doesn't it.

  3. It is one of my favourite quotes- it does indeed say it all...
    Actully I have done quite a bit of research on the Swiss - my Army red/White for funnylittlewars. I have found them fascinating and really absorbing- there are super Swiss archives to trawl out there.

    I blame my interest on Swiss Holidays and Elastolin when aged about ten...