Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Pain in the Bolkans 3

A Pain in the Bolkans 3

Dateline: St Pode de Vache
By our Special Reporter.

No sooner was King Mikhailus making threats against the Brobdingnag Union on the wireless earlier this month, before the Royal War Ministry announced a series of major military exercises in the southern county of Borta, just adjacent to the Union border.

A Ministry press release stated that "The Royal Army and Air Corps are determined to defend the Kingdom's borders from any and all external threats. This ongoing series of exercises will show the world that Ainamor will not knuckle under to any enemy."

Official photographs released by the Ministry show Ainamorian forces on Manoeuvres, including recently acquired modern aircraft.

After issuing a statement condemning the exercises as "blatant warmongering directed at Brobdingnag", the Union Ambassador to St. Pode de Vache has been recalled for "consultations".

In a separate announcement from the Latviestonakian Ministry of Truth, the Republic added its' condemnation of Ainamor's actions stating that "Knakians everywhere are justly concerned that Ainamor's ambitions are not limited to internal matters." The Republican armed forces have been put on alert and limited numbers of reservists have been called up.

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