Monday, 5 April 2010

Alcovia Welcomes You

Greetings from the landlocked, modest nation of Alcovia. Small in size but packed with people willing (or not so) to give their bodies, lives, and souls for the greater good of their beloved Prince Ullo. Alcovia is known for its brooding citizens, its rabble-rousing poets and the singing horsemen of it's eastern steppes known as the Kuzaks.

I am basing Alcovia after no particular nation but a bit of a hodgepodge of this and that, cobbled together for the feel I want. There will be outdated cavalry, rattletrap armor, even a few planes of I'm lucky. I am still trying to figure out a specific concept for uniforms, though I am leaning toward Romanian for infantry and late 19th/early 20th century Russian for cavalry. Kuzaks will be directly based on Cossacks. The way I see it, Alcovia sits landlocked in Eastern Europe, bordering my mountainous other imag-nation of Elistonia on the west and the vaguely Ottoman imagi-nation of my friend, Iqenistan.

I'll be playing in 15mm to begin with, shifting figs originally pruchased for Chinese Warlord forces into service for these new imagi-nations.



  1. And Interbellum welcomes you!

    Even though the blog has been going less than two weeks we already seem to have begun to map out quite a few imagi-nations for the period.

    All the best,


  2. A hodgepodge? Already with a marked character and originality, your brainchild has a life of its own. Expect to feel soon like Dr. Frankeinstein!
    Intrigued by the references to Elistonia and Iqenistan...
    Looking forward to discover more!
    And maybe some day, as we learn more and more of the history of Alcovia, we'll reach the 18th C....


  3. @abdul666

    It'll be a bit before I venture into the lace wars era. I do have some what of an interest in the period but it generally sits on the high seas or in the New World.