Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lauranian Army: Is a reorganisation on the cards?

For many years the Regular Lauranian Army has been organised as follows:
  • A regiment of Guard cavalry (Lanca da Guarda [The Lancers of the Guard])
  • Three regiments Guard infantry – 1st to 3rd Regiments of Infantry of the Guard (1° - 3° Regimentas Infantaria da Guarda)
  • Four regiments of line cavalry – 1st to 4th Cavalry Regiments (1° - 4° Regimentas Cavalria)
  • Twenty regiments of line infantry – 1st to 20th Infantry Regiments (1° - 20° Regimentas Infantaria)
  • Six batteries of field artillery – 1st to 6th Field Artillery Batteries (1° - 6° Batterias Artilleria da Campa)
Traditionally the Regular Army has been supplemented in time of war by the Republican Militia. This is organised on a regional basis, and all able-bodied male Lauranians from 18 years of age up to the age of 55, who are not members of the Regular Armed Forces or the Regular Army Reserves, are expected to serve in the Militia.

In the light of recent technological developments, the Army High Command is considering a complete and radical restructuring of the existing army so that it can adequately defend Lauranian sovereignty, especially as tensions in the region are on the rise.

The nature of the new structure is unclear at present, but it is expected that there will be a reduction in the number of horsed Cavalry Regiments as some or all of the latter become mechanised, and the existing single-battalion Infantry Regiments may be amalgamated to form larger two or three-battalion Regiments. One branch that can expect to expand is the Artillery, as it will need to be enlarged to cope with the growing demands for anti-aircraft defence.
Extract from The Lauranian Courtier


  1. Sir,

    As a student of the international political stage your recent extract from the Lauranian Courtier appears to be little more than a thinly veiled and cynical justification of the recent excessive expenditure by your government on military equipment. This expansion of Lauranian military capability has been noted throughout the region and so prudence must dictate that in the interests of self preservation the peace loving Balkrunian Empire must look to her own protection and respond in kind.

    Your odediant servant,

    Gen. Markov Zerbeast

  2. General Zerbeast,

    It is in direct response to the expansionist attitude of Balkrunia and its client state Maldacia that such a change is contemplated.

    As has often been said 'If you want peace, prepare for war'.

    We Lauranians wish for nothing more than peace ... but not at any price.

    The Editor
    The Lauranian Courtier

  3. Greetings!

    We took the liberty of posing your re-organisation problem as an assessment to our graduating class at the Academia.

    When they had finally stopped laughing and realised you were serious, they made the following observations;

    1) Mechanisation is a passing fad. It is unlikely, given the experience of the combatants in the Great War, that tanks will ever be anything more than a hindrance to a mobile army fighting an aggressive war.

    2) There is no need for integral air defence units within a military unit. While artillery deployed is at some small risk, it is proven that close-air support to ground units will never be practicable. Airpower is best deployed in the strategic sense, so your industry and lines of communication are the likely targets.

    Separate air-defence units can be created for this purpose.

    3) Your cavalry is your decisive arm and still has a place on the modern battlefield. We recommend a single cavalry brigade of 4 regiments supported by horse artillery.

    Given the right circumstances an old fashioned cavalry charge will still win the day! Magazine rifles and machine guns have their weaknesses against an aggressive cavalry leader with stout men at his command!

    4) We recommend you form Brigades of 4 infantry battalions, two artillery batteries and a regiment of cavalry. This can then be split into 2 demi-brigades if required. While the cavalry will be champing at the bit to get 'into it', they will have to be content with reconnaissance, picket duty and acting as a mobile reserve to the infantry attack.

    Comandante Tout-Suite,
    Academia Militar de Plata y Azul.

  4. Comandante Tout-Suite,

    I shall pass on your observations to the relevant authorities, whom I feel sure will be only too glad to consider them. Whilst I know that some senior officers will regard the suggestions made as merely supporting the status quo and out of keeping with current developments, others will consider that it justifies their campaign to keep things as they are.

    As was stated in the original article, 'the Army High Command is considering a complete and radical restructuring of the existing army'. The emphasis in this quote must be placed on the word ‘considering’. In light of the current economic climate in the region, this initiative may well remain a mere planning project as the resources to buy much of the necessary equipment may not be forthcoming from the Treasury. The demands of the Lauranian Navy and Air Force have yet to be taken into account, and I feel sure that they will also wish to make demands upon the already stretched Lauranian military budget.

    The Editor
    The Lauranian Courtier