Friday, 23 April 2010

Aviation News: Rippov-1 crashes during World Air Speed Record attempt

Today's issue of THE TRUTH, the Soviet Peoples' United Republic's official government newspaper, reports that the prototype Rippov-1 fighter crashed last week during an attempt to break the current World Air Speed Record.

The report states that during the turn at the end of the first high-speed flight along the specially laid out course, both wings appeared to fold back upon themselves and the 'plane ploughed into the ground, killing the pilot instantly.

An official enquiry into the accident has determined that the crash was a result of poor workmanship on the part of some of the engineers and workers at the Rippov Aircraft Factory, and they and their families have now been reassigned to work in other industrial sectors where their lack of care and attention to detail will have a less disastrous impact on output.

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  1. The rumour in Szohod is that the autocratic Syldavians had ordered five of these types...