Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Balkrunia - Gateway to the East: Part 2

The Balkrunian contingent of the army of the 'Eternal Empire' is by far the largest and is certainly the most organised and best equipped. It is unique amongst the myriad forces comprising the army in that the primary organisation and training is based heavily upon the German model whilst the remaining provincial forces tend to favour a more traditional Slavic approach. Balkrunia herself has field army backed up by her own reserve formations - the whole being mobilised at the outbreak of hostilities. There also exists a brigade sized Guards formation which is traditionally parcelled out amongst the army formations to provide additional support where needed. Whilst the native Balkrunian forces are ordered and disciplined the remaining provincial contingents tend to be far more relaxed about military etiquette and protocol but are formidable fighters all the same. The various provincial forces, whilst each jealously preserving their traditions and regional heritage, all share a common trait and that is an almost mystical reverence for the use of cold steel.

The combination of fighting styles within a typical Balkrunian army - the stolid and organised native Balkrunians and the ferocious and loose knit provincial militia - makes for an effective military force; albeit limited in terms of extended campaigning. The regulars can be relied upon in a normal military fashion to carry out the usual duties of their profession - providing garrisons, internal security and such like but the provincial forces tend to be far more fluid in respect of extended use. Most, if not all, tend to be involved in agriculture and whilst they are for the most part enthusiastic fighters it is usually with one eye on the crops back home. The Balkrunian campaigning season then tends to be quite short when using the provincial troops as the regulars do not have the requisite manpower to be able to operate effectively without them. there have been several attempts in the Duma to formalise the provincial militias in the interests of military efficiency but thus far without any success.

The overall effect on military operations of this unique organisation is that in the short term a typical Balkrunian force comprising both regulars and provincials is a formidable weapon. With traditional ferocity and native cunning the provincial forces are ideal shock troops; skilled at close combat and infiltration tactics for which their mobility and light equipment is ideally suited. The regulars in turn provide the support and the firepower and so are used to consolidate or exploit any opportunity presented by the actions of the marauding provincial troops.

In the next part of this short series of articles I will describe in greater detail the organisation of the Balkrunian Imperial forces - both the regulars and the provincial contingents; together with the difficulties currently being faced in respect of the acquisition and assimilation of new equipment and technology.

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