Monday, 26 April 2010

Rumours of unrest in the Lauranian Armed Forces

The recent news – as yet unsubstantiated – that the Lauranian Ministry of Defence has ordered armoured plate from Korrupt Arms, coming as it does in the wake of suggestions that the Lauranian Army at home and overseas might be reorganised, has led to rumours of unrest within the upper echelons of the Lauranian Armed Forces.

It is thought that some senior officers in the Army are concerned that they might be placed on the half-pay retired list if the reorganisation takes place, and if the armour plate is to be used to reinforce the existing border defences, such a reorganisation seems more likely. Fewer troops than the Army presently has on the strength would be required to man the chain of fortresses that may be built, and whilst the Artillery branch might be expanded, there is a possibility that the Cavalry would be reduced to a single Regiment or even disbanded altogether. The role of the Infantry would also change from a mobile to a static one.
Extract from The Lauranian Courtier

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