Sunday, 25 April 2010

mekanizksy cobbly hygineczy

The Slobenian Ministry of Interior Works and City Cleansing proudly displays it's new fleet of mekanizksy cobbly hygineczy vehicles.

Prince, Viceroy, Minister of Interior Works and City Cleansing, Mikhail Slobardjy claims that City Cleansing Department personnel can now be deployed swiftly to any part of Slobnik to deal with public health issues. Citizens can be proud that their taxes are going towards keeping the city's streets and drains clean.

To maintain the efficiency of the mekanizksy cobbly hygineczy fleet, the vehicles will receive an annual 'overhaul' during the two week summer period of potato picking and army manouvres.

Slob Nadarnisch


  1. I see Slobenia is pushing the boat out.. will every vehicle have the luxury of a radio operator to keep the potato pickers entertained?

  2. Looks like the Slobenians have been sold a pup- those radios will never work down in the sewers.........