Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vickers Tanks arrive in Slobenia!

Painted a company of 9 Vickers export tanks last week (T26a) - destined for the Slobenian front. The twin-MG turret platoon is shown below:

I'm not that impressed with the finish - the moral of the tale being, don't paint a company of Sci Fi mech armour then get carried away when you are tired and a bit slap happy with the brush.

Mind you, they are 15mm SDD models and a bit light on detail/crisp lines so can't beat myself up too much.

They're fine for the table just now, but I think I'll need to revisit them with a Polish style camo.



  1. The key thing is, do they look good from 3 ft away?

  2. The good old Vickers 6-ton Tank. One of my all-time favourites ... and possibly there are some on order for the Lauranian Army.