Sunday, 11 July 2010

Protecting the Border - The Fortification of the Borka's Western Banks

Several rotating batteries overlooking the bridgehead at Uldiva.

Too many invasion from the east have left Alcovians feeling vulnerable and exposed in the past but the new leadership of the country has promised to strengthen the defenses of the country to make sure that the nation needn't suffer yet another invasion.

Building off of the increased presence of aerial scouts and the always present APA river service, Princes Ukko and Ullo, co-commanders in chief of Alcovia's armed forces have undertaken a massive construction effort designed to fortify the western bank of the Borka against invasion from neighboring Iqenistan. Included in these plans are bunkered batteries and reinforced block houses on the Alcovian side of all bridges spanning the Borka River.

The construction of these defenses has alarmed the Iqeni people who find themselves suddenly in range of some very large guns. Despite official diplomatic protests, Alcovia has not seen fit to dismantle any of their emplacements and batteries instead offering their assurances that the fortifications are purely for defense and really serve no substantial or effective offensive purpose. In fact, the number of emplaced batteries that can strike at any Iqeni holdings are few and generally only located around the heaviest of bridgeheads. There are still plenty of places where there are no river fortifications or where the type of emplacements are of limited range.