Friday, 26 March 2010

The Tools of the Trade

At the time of writing I have yet to formalise the make up of my two 1920's imagi-nations based on the Eastern Mediterranean. The protagonists will consist of a Balkan type state, tentatively called Balkrunia and their long standing enemies based upon the Ottoman empire. I have yet to flesh out the background for these two adversaries - the Ottoman force does not yet have a name - but I have been giving a lot of thought to the hardware side for the respective armies and fleets. I fully intend having a naval side for this and am fortunate in having a selection of the old Minifigs WW1 ships which will be ideal. the respective navies will be quite modest in size and will make use of much in the way of Great War surplus material from a variety of sources. Given that the geography of the region will be based on the Aegean with its myriad of islands etc the naval side will be very important as well as being a great excuse to have some sea battles. The islands will require garrisons and they will need to be supplied so there is much scope for some interesting actions.

The respective armies will feature a number of similarities in that they both have a main force backed up by locally raised militia types of varying quantity and quality. The main forces will be largely WW1 style armies (more 1914 than 1918) with a smattering of vehicles acquired either under licence or purchased on the open market as war surplus stock. Again, this needs to be 'fleshed out' in terms of detail etc.

Even the air forces will get a look in and I fully intend having provision for some airpower for the sheer fun of it rather than any major tactical benefit!

The scale of the figures will be 15mm which fits in nicely with the WW1 aircraft available in the Wings of War game series. I have a great swathe of figures I could press gang into service for this project but quite fancy designing my own in respect of uniforms etc although I have yet to decide on this. I have an organisation already in place for the army units and it is based around the rules of choice I will be using for the resultant battles. Either 'When Empires Clash' for my own use or 'Hordes in The Trenches' for when the action moves to a club night. Either way I also intend to orchestrate this as an ongoing campaign style of affair and through the medium of the blog to report the outcome of any actions as and when they take place.

More to follow as and when it happens!

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  1. This 'amphibious' approach is original and intringuing -as is the Eastern Mediterranean setting: will you have some exchanges with Zubia?