Saturday, 27 March 2010

An introduction to The Duchy of Tradgardland

I feel a bit of fraud in a way as my imagination was first created around three years ago. The Duchy of Tradgardland (situated around the base of Denmark and the top of Germany - if you know what I mean...) was first conceived as a mid 18th Century imagination and has continued to operate as such ever since. It has fought imaginary neighbours and the Imperium aka Austro Hungarian Empire in the Seven Years War.

Elsewhere I have charted the invasion of Tradgardland by the British on their way to to Denmark in 1807, begun to plan a WW1 Ducal army, charted the events of 1918 when Tradgardland became a battleground for Left, Right and even Freikorps!

Now I am thinking in terms of the Inter War period. By the way, I do hope you enjoy this photograph of Tradgardstadt, the capital city. Note well the many cyclists which may be an indicator of why the bicycle features quite heavily in the Ducal Army...

At my blog devoted to Army Red/White (The Swiss Army of 1910 -1939) I have already looked at issues of 1930's uniforms and equipment as part of my Funnylittewars 54mm project.

Hopefully I will be able to intereact upon these pages with the "giants" of the age as well as mere tiddlers like Tradgardland. The next post from me will probably will hopefully outline the political situation in Tradgardland and look at the forces available...

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  1. I visited Tradgardstadt some time ago, and it has changed very little since the photograph was taken.

    I look forward to reading more about Tradgardland in the near future.