Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Second Foray

I'm having a week off work, busy doing nothing other than a bit of painting and recharging my batteries. Today I finished reading Volumes 5 & 6 of Charley's War, which I bought as inspiration for my WW1 games. I'm at the stage in the story where Charley is at Étaples, where the mutiny kicked-off. The writers notes refer to the use of a "red" flag and the suggestion of socialist revolutionary ideas, which makes for a fascinating kick off point for an earlier "Very British Civil War".

I imagine had a successful revolution taken place then Britain would have withdrawn from the war, leaving France to face Germany, perhaps with American help? Alternatively, the British civil war would have caused enormous turmoil within the Empire, but ultimately failed then we might have seen the German army splitting British forces from the French and demanding terms for the French to surrender. One could then imagine that the Americans then arrive to draw the war out for another two or three years before some new resolution is achieved.

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