Friday, 22 April 2011

More Hussars etc

Further to my previous post, Hinterland Miniatures have added yet more Liebhussars and other troops to their offerings.

Princess Viktoria
'08 Maxim gun team
Princess Cecille
Trench Raiders

I really like the look of these for a post WW1 type imagination and I'm quite sad that I can't find a use for them in my own setting. There's more offerings on the site and it's worth a look just for its own sake.


  1. These are a great find, thanks for posting!

  2. If I war gamed or wanted to paint figs that samll anymore, I would get these little jewels. It does make me sad that in a game they would "die". I hope they are just taken "out of play" with a headache, "vapours", or a broken nail.